Monday, September 3, 2012

Letting it out S-L-O-W-L-Y

Don't let angry balloon pop!

An awesome visual to help kids learn to let their anger (or can work for anxiety, stress, whatever they are struggling with) out slowly.

1. Blow up a balloon

2. While holding the balloon, talk to your client about the balloon representing their anger (or anxiety, etc.) and brainstorm with them what they think happens when those feelings build up.

3. Now the fun part! Either pop the balloon, or let go of the balloon.  Talk about behaviors associated when you let anger build up- tantrums, screaming, calling names, etc.

4. Blow up a balloon

5. While holding the balloon, talk to your client about letting the anger in the balloon out slowly.  Review coping skills and anger management techniques while letting the air out of the balloon slowly.  Help them understand the difference this made to the way the balloon did not pop or deflate and fly around, comparing this to how their behaviors would change.

This is a pretty simple, but powerful concept, and most kiddos like watching the balloon fly around, so is easy to review several times!

 A couple of journal ideas:

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