Sunday, September 9, 2012


Kids + feeling bored + too much energy can be a bad combination, and sometimes the source of a lot of conflict and behaviors.  That's where we come in! 

I read in an article lately that it is important for your kids to be bored sometimes (I will attempt to find the article and put it on our Facebook page). That it sets them up to use their imaginations instead of going straight to media, bugging parents or torturing siblings when bored.  So, here is something that can help them use their imagination, and to avoid conflict.  

I found this book recently, Ladybug Girl gets bored, saying there is just nothing to do! Weird. She is able to find ways to use her imagination and entertain herself.  We all know this is difficult for most kids.  Try starting with this cute book, helping them understand everyone gets bored, and how they can recognize and label when they are feeling bored. Then help them understand that they are still in control of their behaviors, and that they are able to find ways to problem-solve.

Then make a boredom jar with choices of activities they can choose on their own! Getting started can be tricky, and make sure you are able to brainstorm with caregivers too about limits on what to put in the boredom jar.  Help them list things they can do when bored, and that they can use their own imaginations and don't need others to entertain them.  The caregiver in the situation can help them label that they are feeling bored, and use the jar, or if they are self-aware, they can choose on their own. 

All clients, interests, families, and suggestions are going to be different, but here are some ideas to get you started.

-art activities they can start and clean on their own, such as coloring, markers, painting the sidewalk with water
-make sock puppets 
-make a fort
-make a paper doll
-dress up/ fashion show
-form a band with kitchen utensils
-sidewalk chalk

You get the idea, use some imagination and creativity in a positive way!

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