Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hoptsotch Begosh

Ahh childhood...there are days I long for double dutch, excessive energy for no reason and super human strength to plow through the monkey bar Olympics...

But, there is a silver lining! One of the great things about my job is I get to plan the session and they may or may not involve games I loved as a child reinvented into 'psr lingo.' (ok, mostly they do).

I give to you....Feelings Hopscotch. 

A sidewalk/flat top etc--not a road though--Safety first!

Everyone knows how to play the game--if you don't go to the good 'ole Wikipedia page and freshen up. (side note, check out those designs from the 1900s..that's a lot of fancy footwork!)

After you have drawn your course, instead of filling in the squares with numbers fill them with--you guessed it--EMOTIONS

Now play the game as per the usual. But WAIT(!)for this version,when they reach the object to be retrieved, have the client state the emotion their object landed on as well as a situation which triggered that feeling in them (or another person). 

Process with them how they reacted and identify if it was appropriate/inappropriate and develop some healthy alternatives (if you need to)!

That's it folks! Super easy! 


  1. Hi I just recently started following this blog and I have really loved all of your creative ideas!! I will definitely be using this one with my feelings groups!!! Thanks Again!! I am really enjoying your blog!!!

  2. Thanks AnnMarie! Keep up the great work!

  3. Another great idea! Feelings can be incorporated into so many different activities. Thanks for sharing this one.

    1. Thank you!! Isn't it amazing how many everyday games we've played for years can be turned into a teaching tool once you get your 'Counselor/Psr/Therapist' eyes on it?? I 'psr' things all the time, haha!

  4. I love this idea. The kids at school always want me to join them at recess. I can't wait to add this spin to an everyday game.