Monday, September 17, 2012

Focus Jug

Focus jug, feelings can use this very fancy toy in lots of different games...

Milk Jug
Your random craft supply box

Cut out an opening in the milk jug (look at my fancy drawing! I should be illustrating manuals I tell you!)

Once you have made something that should be on the shelves of Toys R Us....give it to your client and have them cover it with--well whatever you are working with here....if you have mutipule jugs you can make one for each feeling....if you have one (like I did) you can have them cover it in pictures that make them happy.

Once its all can play! I utlized my clients jug as a focus tool, teaching him how to be in control of his body and movements. We practiced being in control first...eyes focused, feet planted on the ground hands holding jug. Then I tossed the ball (watch the ball!) and yay! You caught it! 

Then I had the client become 'uncontrolled' jumping in place, swinging jug around, looking away...not so easy is it?

You can also make a feelings toss...with various jugs that represent each them in front of the client and prompt them to try and get a ball in. Whatever feeling they land in they can state the feeling, a coping skill, a time they felt that feeling etc. Or for one jug have various colored balls...once they catch a ball..prompt them to state a feeling that color reminds them of and...well you know the drill (coping skills, triggers, practice!).

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