Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Few Communication Games

Mad Gab: This game is not only hilarious, but really tests your listening skills! This is an easy game to keep in the car, and can be played while you are driving (you do the listening part of the game of course, safety first).

Hide the object:  Play this game with your client, or include family members.  Provide an object to hide from the other players, then without using the words of the place it is hidden, help them find the object.  Hot or cold is a good cue, or giving clues to follow directions!

Blindfold obstacle course: First make sure this is not going to be a source of anxiety for your client (learned this the hard way).  Take turns being blindfolded, helping each get through an obstacle course using objects to go around, hop in, crawl under, etc. SAFELY! While playing help your client process how important listening, using appropriate language, details and descriptions can help someone understand. 

Back to back drawing game:  You and your client sit back to back.  One of you draws a picture, then help the other person draw the picture without telling you what it is.  Among the obvious communication skills you are practicing, this is also a great self-awareness activity as your client has to be aware of what they draw to be able to explain their drawing to the other person, knowing their and your limitations. 

Simon says: A great listening and following directions game, and you can also turn this into a coping skills or emotions practice game. "Simon says, practice square breathing!"

Red light, green light:  Helps with self-awareness and listening skills, can also work for frustration tolerance, and patience practice if really challenged!

These games help your client learn to communicate creatively, understand there are different forms of communicating, and helps them recognize how to use different forms of language, ask questions and help others understand- finding ways to be heard and get their point across effectively!

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