Saturday, August 25, 2012

What can I control?

This discussion starter is pretty self-explanatory, helping your clients understand what they can and can't control using a visual.  For this activity, I used chalk, while my client and I talked about what they can control in others and themselves.  You can also write these out on cards or pop-sickle sticks, asking your client to take home a few at a time to use as a reminder of what they can/can't control, then reviewing alternatives (coping skills practice!). You can also get more specific, "I can control my fists, but can't control when my sister takes my toys"This activity could be for pretty much anyone, but was used in this instance for a kiddo who really struggled to allow others to have consequences, and taking matters into their own hands!  The circles were also a visual to represent so many things around us that we can't control, but then going over what within ourselves we can control, focusing on specific behaviors and reactions.

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  1. Circle of Control: this is a tool for kids but so great for all of us to remember! I would have the child put their name in the smaller (center) circle & things they CAN control in the larger circle, things OUT of their control outside the circle. Sidewalk Chalk Therapy :)