Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The lazy PSR Worker: Part 1

We all get tired of projects and art activities- our clients included (or at least that's what I keep telling myself)! Let's take a step back from construction paper and glue, call this one "speaking the language of the next generation:)" and help them relate by using interactive websites and games.  Some of these links are easy to explore with your client, particularly the sites that are for teenagers, but some need some exploration before you meet. 

Take your time with this first website, it is a source for games, but also a great resource for social skills, education, and special needs.  This site has awesome games, including a facial expressions program, that allows your client to manipulate facial expressions, an emotions wheel that names simple to complicated emotions, and a quiz or game to name different emotions in other people based on situations and facial expressions. 

This site is geared toward teenagers, and is constructed by teenagers.  This is a great site, that includes art teens have displayed, games, stories, resources, and even a crisis intervention plan that your client can fill out and print.  This site also needs some time to explore and navigate, be aware of what your client can handle, some of the stories can be pretty honest! Even though this is teen-appropriate for the most part, some of the games, (particularly under the toolbox-stressbusters), can be played at most ages. 

This is another teen/adolescent dedicated site, that focuses on cyber-bullying.  With games, videos, and animation that is funny and not intimidating, it is a good way to help you or parents begin conversations about this sad and growing form of bullying.

Problem-solving awesomeness! This one is a favorite of mine, and my clients.  It is very basic and fun, more of a take a break in a positive way site than education, but still fun and appropriate!

Super cool site where you can upload a photo, or choose a shape, then enter words to fill in the photo or shape!  I have used this as a positive self-esteem activity, entering descriptive words that are positive, encouraging, and build the client up.  Downside to this is in order to give the client a copy, you need a printer available, and you also need a camera to upload their photo.  If not, remember process over product, and just do this for fun!

How do you feel right now?  A simple, but fun way to help your client identify their feelings. 

This site will take you to an interactive "mix and match feelings" game.  You can then easily find the link to, which also has interactive games about health, problem solving, helping others, and is an overall appropriate and safe site to let your clients explore!

Pretty self-explanatory, and contains some articles, other sites, and projects you can look through and examine together.  

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