Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spin Right 'Round...

Conflict resolution, coping skills, problem solving....you can make this wheel into whatever works for your client's needs!

+Paper plates
+Drawing utensils
+Brads (I hadn't put the spinner on mine before I took the picture--possibly because I forgot brads that day *anywhoooo*-but its really simple--cut out an arrow--put a brad through it so it connects to the center of the plate.) 
+Your brain! 

Identify what your clients wheel will center around (Are they having conflicts at home? Conflicts at school? Anger in general? Anxiety?). Once you have an idea of their current struggles, brainstorm with your client various coping and conflict resolution skills they can utilize (review ones learned in the past or identify new ones). 

Provide your client with the paper plate, cut it up like a pie (don't really cut, but have them quarter it with a marker/pencil what have you). Have them fill in the coping skills of their choice (from the brainstorming) in all the open spots. Make the arrow and stick it on. Now have them give it a whirl! Guess what you can do now? You're right! PRACTICE how they can utilize this tool in the future!!!


  1. Great Idea! I had my group complete this project yesterday. It went over well; a change of pace and they were able to add their own creativity. Thanks.

  2. Glad it could work for you, thanks for your comment, we love to hear how people are using these ideas!

  3. I'm a teacher changing grade levels; after 17 years teaching 2nd, I'm moving to 4th! This looks like a great resource for every child to make and keep. Thanks!