Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Got a client who doesn't fair well during transitions or handling things out of their control? Have I got an acitivy for you!

Various games, no less than three--4-5 is a great number.

Set all the games up down a line. 

Let your client know you will be playing all the games BUT you wont tell them for how long or if they will finish the game (!). 
Start playing the game(s). Stay at one for a minute or two..maybe a second or two--there really isn't a set time frame I used But, I did move through all of them at least once before "accidents" happened. If I do notice they are beginning to get tense or upset I will keep triggering them *(sound mean? trust me--the best practice happens when they are feeling those emotions).* I will start to move from game to game quicker (depending on the game) or let them get into it and them move during their turn.  
As the games are going on, randomly end one or two--without finishing them (really want to get the blood flowing? end the game in the middle of a turn! dun dun dun). When I played I knocked over the Jenga while moving to another game "on accident" Oh well, move on to the next one ; ). 

If the client begins to engage in a melt down or signs they are anxious, walk them through coping practice while still working through the games. Make it to the end and everything seemed A-Okay? Process the activity with the client--I am sure there were some not enjoying this feelings swirling under the surface (then ask them how the heck they coped so well?! Way to go! : ))

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