Monday, August 27, 2012

Emotions Scavenger Hunt

Emotions Scavenger Hunt: Mall edition

Your walking feet
Index cards or paper


Begin by making emotions cards, reviewing emotions in different situations- "what emotions do you think you will see at the mall?"
Also role-play and review how to tell (using facial expressions, environment, body language) how other's might be feeling.
You can also review this by checking out some books in the bookstore at the mall, asking how the characters in the books feel, and why.
Then make your cards, drawing and labeling a picture of an emotion.

Then you are ready for your scavenger hunt!

Walk around, "casually" observing people and marking off your emotions cards.  Be aware of staring, help them understand how to observe people without making them uncomfortable.
This activity seems pretty client directed, but you will have to prompt them quite a bit.  For example, if choosing stressed as an emotions card, sit at a bench watching a store or food line that is busy.  How do you think they are feeling, why? How can you tell, give examples of facial/body expressions? What about their situation or environment makes you think they feel that way?  What about the way they are interacting or reacting to other people?

Other suggestions for your emotions scavenger hunt:
Have your client give an example of when they felt the emotions on the card.
Collage on the cards from magazines, cutting out the facial expressions associated, matching them with the people in the mall.
Go several times, making the emotions cards more complicated, prompting them less, and going more in depth with situations and interactions.
When going in to different stores, have your client re-create any stress or emotions associated (for example, in this store I feel excited, this one I wanted a toy and got upset, or in this store I am bored), making emotions cards for themselves, then reviewing coping skills to use in the mall.

Happy hunting!

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