Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crafty Craftness

Every PSR worker should have a craft box--a box filled with random art supplies so that on a whim (oh I dunno in the middle of a melt down perhaps?) there are colorful and fun ways to let a kid explore their feelings and calm down. Not creative you say? When will I do crafts you say? Umm how about a lot because kids (and just about everyone) loves something to do with their hands when talking about things they might not want to. 

Crafts supplies are just...awesome

You can turn something simple like this mess of straws (Just for future reference..don't buy the adjustable ones. Good for sharing a milkshake at a soda shop, not good for games!).  


Into this! Feelings pick up sticks--with straws--Hello easy! Just play the game as usual but, when a player moves the sticks, they have to state a feeling triggered by the color on the straw and a time they felt that feeling. Without random supplies who could make puppets on the fly? Answer: No one

Funny side note, the orange puppet is a representation of me? My client told me its my angry face. Well alright then!

Some ideas of things to keep in your art box (always):

Popsicle sticks
Markers/crayons/colored pencils
Construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Glue (NOT STICK! I know, kids make a mess with glue--but that nothing compared to the heartbreak of getting ready to glue and the stick is all dried out--anyways you get more bang for your buck with the liquid kind).
Googly eyes
Crepe paper......the possibilities are endless, got some shoe boxes? Toss 'em in! O.M.G bubble wrap! Sure! You'll find a use for it (and be so thankful you had it on hand!).


  1. Where do you do these projects? In my state, the majority of PSR is done at libraries and parks. Two places where is difficult to get messy. Any ideas?

    1. We actually do most of these projects at both these places--Barnes and Noble too! Sometimes at their homes. If we know we are going to be a little messy, we will put down a cloth or towel (or take glitter outside :))