Friday, August 10, 2012

Calm Box

Calm Boxes are great for angry kiddos (or anxious kiddos) who need a little alone time to regain composure.

-Box of any sort (show boxes=you’re going to start collecting them!)
-Construction paper, magazines (think--what can I use to make this not show its from payless shoes)
-Markers or crayons
-Anything else 'crafty fun' they can utilize to create a special box

Provide them with the box and prompt them to visualize things, people, places that make them calm. The idea is to create a box covered in images that trigger happy feelings. ("We are going to put some happy trees..right here...and here...happy little trees...Oh Bob Ross) Anywhoo....
Once they have their box completed --and you marvel at what an amazing job they did (positive reinforcement people!)--you can begin the process of filling it!

There are a couple ways you can go about filling the box...the cheap ("free") route (make stuff out of whatever ya got in the trunk of your car or at home) or the not expensive but not cheap route (make some and go to the dollar store for others).
I usually do the latter--we make a few things, i.e. mind jars, stress balls--I throw in some bubble wrap or paper to be ripped up. Then they are allowed to go to the dollar store and pick out a couple 'special' objects (bubbles, a bouncy ball, coloring book or a book, etc).  

Once it’s filled to the brim with wonderful coping tools--you know what’s left to do?? PRACTICE! 

**What am I practicing you say?? How each client utilizes their calm box is unique to each...some might need it for car ride (both inside or outside of PSR) some need it at home--find the wave your client needs help with and practice through role play.


  1. Love love love this idea! Thank you!

  2. I am an SLP working with an agrly little lady....I have made her a calm box for the house, and we practiced how and when she is going to use it, but within the day all the items are all over the place, and are utilized for having fun! but the box is empty when she needs it. Do I keep the box out of reach and only give it to her when she wants to calm down....any suggestions ????

    1. I think I would put it out of reach for times when she is angry, and it seems like it would work well if she enjoys it so much! Let us know how it goes, and keep up the good work! Also try making a destroy box, of things she can destroy as an alternative to destroying property, etc. (must destroy post).

    2. Thank you... for the advice.....I will let you know how my little angry princess copes....thanks from greece.....