Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Accomplishments box

Help your client remember how awesome they are!
Idea from

A box (a tissue or shoe box works well)
Decorating tools

 Allow your client to decorate their accomplishments box however they want.  I love collaging, if you haven't guessed already, but you can paint, use stickers, or wrap it with wrapping paper, as long as there is an opening to put notes in, it all works!

Then have your client write several accomplishments. We can sometimes focus too much on the negative, so they may need a little help with these.

Read the accomplishments they came up with, and put them in the box. Anyone can add to the list of accomplishments, sometimes having a surprise note in there is fun, or they can write them themselves! Finally, help them understand to use this tool when they are feeling down, or having a bad day as a reminder of all of the positive things they have done.  
Hooray for building positive self-esteem!


  1. Katie, what a great idea! I run a self esteem group for boys and I think this would be pretty cool to do with them! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That's great! Let us know how it goes!