Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mom dates

This idea was a result of a client's desperate want/need of attention, specifically from mom, and getting it in a negative way! Sound familiar? We came up with mom date ideas that are appropriate for a busy mom, and set up as a reward system to get one on one time in a positive way. A good tip so this is more manageable is to color code the activities so mom knows which activities could take a little more time, cost a little money, or may require a sitter for her other kids.  It is also a good idea to set up a chart or some sort of goal to work toward, so both the client and mom are consistent in following through with the one on one time.  Otherwise the negative behaviors for attention will may continue! 

Some ideas for mom dates:
story time
go for a walk
eat a snack
write a letter to each other
watch a movie
go out for ice cream
bake cookies
spa day! (give each other a facial, paint each other's nails)
hot chocolate
spot shapes in the clouds
do a puzzle
paint or color a picture 
play with play-dough
find the big dipper and the north star
sidewalk chalk
play a board game
build a fort
run through the sprinklers
go to the park
find a four leaf clover or pick flowers
go to a movie
water balloon fight

You get the idea, make most of them cheap, if not free and easy.  This way especially busy moms can maintain the dates, most aren't overwhelming, and it can help both the parent and child recognize when they do spend time together, and will be getting the attention they need!

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  1. Awesome Idea, I was trying to find a way to get my client's mother to spend time with her... and the client said that spending time with her mom was one of her only motivators. yay!