Monday, July 30, 2012

Jellyfish OR How to be laid back

Oh lazy creatures of the sea. Jellyfish are a wonderful in teaching kiddos with anxiety or control problems (really ANY kiddo--and some adults out there) how to keep calm, patience and simple going with the flow (throw in some coping skills for good measure). And just like the Jellyfish...this is a super laid back project. 

Easy Peasey Supplies:
(if you haven't noticed by now--as a PSRw you will soon become well known at the dollar store :)

-Crepe paper (strips of various lengths and colors)
-Paper plates (one or two, you use these to make the 'body')
-Coloring utensils of your choice
-Tape (much easier than glue)

For this activity I start out with any information about jellyfish..Really. Nothing special, I have watched Youtube videos, read whatever factual book about jellyfish we find at the library (I'll have the client do the search and find with me). Once we have learned about the jelly fish (and watched them slowly swim around the ocean), We then brainstorm the traits of a jellyfish...
(some ideas that have come along)

.Doesn't fight
.Easy going
.Laid back
.Can sting

You get the idea. 
Provide the client with the supplies listed above and prompt them to create their own jelly fish. As you color away, process with the client about the problems a jellyfish might encounter (umm killer whales? SHARKS?!) and what they think the jellyfish does to help them keep, 'floating on.' (i.e. coping skills). Then tie into their own situations and how they keep 'floating on.' (what coping skills do you use?). 
When you get to the tentacles (the strips of crepe paper). ..have them write out either things/situations they need to 'float on' about then have them write one or two coping skills they can utilize for each situation. 
Review their jellyfish and what they discovered, then role play (practice, practice!) each of those situations utilizing the coping skills they identified. 

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