Thursday, July 26, 2012

I heart magazine faces!

If you are like me, and consider yourself "artistically challenged," cutting magazine images is a great substitute for drawing, especially faces.

This first project- facial features collage, is one of my favorites.  It is appropriate for most age groups, and is funny and easy.  This is a way I usually introduce understanding others emotions by reading their facial expressions, even though the faces are mismatched, a furrowed eyebrow won't go well with a smile. Ask your clients how the characters they created feel, then ask why- encouraging details in the facial expressions, then role play these expressions with them, and have them give you an example of when they have seen this expression on someone. It can also be helpful to have a mirror handy, so they can compare their own expressions to those on their magazine characters.   

This next project was a recycle inspired activity that is pretty simple, and gives you an excuse to go get some delicious drinks:) 

You will need:
Coffee shop drink carrier
Poster board or paper or a large paper plate
A brad or thumbtack
Paint (optional)

We started by painting the carrier, then cut out the bottom of the four drink holders, marking where the faces will go on the poster board. We then found, cut and glued the faces, looking for some complicated, some simple expressions.  We then stuck a brad in the middle of the carrier, and spun it around!  I had my client choose the expression, label it, then prompted them to give an example of when they felt that emotion during the week.  You can also use this for naming coping skills, then spin and make a choice of which one to practice.  


  1. I work with at risk youth ages 4 to 18.... these are such awesome ideas. please keep posting.