Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feeling Toss

Any game or activity that prompts a client to identify their feelings is a winning one !!!
Feelings Toss material:

+Various colors of construction paper cut into circles (as many as you want)
+Coloring utensils. 

Super super easy!

Now provide your client with the circles and engage them in a discussion on how every feeling as a color. When we are blue, we are feeling?...Sad! When someones face turns bright red they could be?..Mad! Embarrassed!You get the idea.

Now have the client take the circles and (on their own) pick a feeling for each color. On one side, prompt them to draw a face that represents that feeling. On the backside, have them write out a situation that triggered the feeling for them (if they are a hard to self identify, you can have them write out a situation where someone else might feel the emotion). 

When they are done, have the kiddo spread them out all over the floor/ground. Provide with a ball of some sort and prompt them to aim and attempt to hit the color you state (sure, lets have a little focus practice in there!). Once they can hit the circle, have them share the feeling and situation with you. 
This provides a great time for them (and you) to get to know their triggers as well as a great coping skill conversation starter (and practicing of)! If they have a hard situation, re-construct it with them and role play alternative responses (or how to cope). If they responded appropriately, um hello--reinforce with some praise (everyone likes a pat on the back)!!


  1. Love this one! Thank you for the awesome website!

    1. Thank you!! We are happy to hear you like it : )

  2. I just started PSR and I found this site when looking for ideas. I love this site. The cutest ideas have been posted.