Thursday, July 26, 2012

Car Kit

Our clients spend a lot of time in the car, and we spend a lot of time with our clients in the car:)  Make it easier on everyone, and throw together a car kit.  This is actually one of the best tools I have, it has helped very shy kids open up, has been a great way to build rapport, helps during transitions, and is a great way to help them calm down if they have had a rough day.  Then there is the boredom factor and we all know what can happen if kids get too bored... avoid this, and save your upholstery and sanity!

My car kit includes a squeeze ball, bubbles, play-dough, window markers (they can write on the windows, and love this, super cheap, or you can use dry erase markers), windmills, and bubble wrap (most of the kids I work with love this more than the stuff I spend money on).  I also have a couple of games I found that work while you are driving- "Mad Gab", "Table Topics," "I've Never," "Would You Rather," and a deck I found at a book store- "52 things to do in the car."  I also have Stories with Holes,  a book that gives you the end of the story, and requires you to brainstorm and problem-solve to figure out the rest (appropriate for older kids or teenagers).  

Once you make your kit, you will come up with ideas to change it up, or meet certain needs.  Here are a few more suggestions:
Paper to rip
Mini journals
Stress ball
Stuffed animals
I Spy or Where's Waldo books
Jacob's ladder

Happy Driving!

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