Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Where.Is.My.Mind (Prompts)

I have had a lot of inquiry about prompts to utilized for our filter activity (here). They are really no secret so, I figured the best way to share was to give them to everyone!


Really, when you need to think of what prompts to do for this project, it’s simple. There is a reason why this activity is something you choose for your client. Think of things they have already said!

·      “My parents make $_________ dollars a year!”

·      “Sometimes my mom farts really loud”

·      “I think your shirt is ugly”

·      “That zit is really big! Does it hurt!?”

·      “When are you going to have your baby?”

·      “Eww your breath smells!”

·      “I really like that shirt on you!”

·      “I like your new toy, can we play together?”

·      “I hate you”

·      “You’re annoying me”

·      “My mom thinks you don’t know how to do your job”

·      “Great job on the test!”

·      “I got such a better grade than you!”

·      “Ugh, I really wish _____ wasn’t in our group for the project!”

Y’all get the idea! :) What are your favorite prompts?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Weather the feeling

This was a fun little activity. Identified feelings with weather patterns as well as colors.
Then we put a coping skill under the flap.
Surprise! Feelings.

What to do when...

This is a great series of books/workbooks which are awesome.
Check them out!

Amelia Bedelia

She has a lot of social issues that are very similar to what ASD clients experience with inference.
Would be a great read!

Four things to do with a four year old client

Working with the the little ones can be pretty tough.  It takes some creative work to help them understand what the are working on and why, while you are staying with the treatment plan goal.  

Obviously lots of play based activities are a must, but here are some other activities to try!

1. Hands are not for hitting. Tracing hands, or body is a way to help young kiddos understand using a more hands on, sensory focused activities.  We traced, named and practiced these alternatives to hurting others. 

2. Finger puppets.
Assign a color and an emotion for each puppet, then role play

3. Feelings Masks.
Put a different feeling on each mask and then role play

4. Red light/Green light/Yellow light.
This is great especially when you are in safety situations such as crossing the parking lot. Add in yellow light so, they understand when to be cautious.  

Tile Mosaic

Step one: Smash a tile
Step two: Paint it how you like (my client labeled songs to help her cope with certain emotions)
Step three: Glue on any sort of board
Step four: Fill in cracks with colored sand
This was our last project before we ended services and it was a great one for her to take home.

Monday, November 10, 2014


We have a tile outlet here in town----you can buy cheap. cheap tiles to use for--you guess it--PSR projects!! The client was prompted to name each tile with a feeling and to pick the feelings respected color (sounds familiar huh? Feelings and color crafts can take on many forms:) You could take it one step further and smash 'harder' emotions with a hammer (with adult help) after they can demonstrate a good coping skill for that emotion.